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Gentleman - Caan Hold Us Down CD single (out 29th August 2006)

Itís slick, itís catchy, and it sounds like it comes from the heart.

Itís the new single release from Gentleman (well sort of - the albumís been out in his native Germany for yonks) and itís a self produced ensemble piece with guest spots from Barrington Levy and long term associate Daddy Rings.

Featuring a fast paced wah wah guitar driven rhythm from the Far East Band as the foundation, whispering gospel female style backing singers, and the usual nice trademark vocals from Barrington, this is a strong release and gives a good indication of what the long player is like for those considering a purchase.

If you like your conscious reggae sweet but strong, then this is the tune for you.

The singleís being released to coincide with the buzz surrounding Gentlemanís appearance at the at this yearís Carnival Ė check it and the album Confidence out soon...

Reviewed by Angus Taylor. Copyright 2006.

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