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Elephant man – Crime & the gun (Gibbo) 7"

To be honest, I’ve never been convinced by Elephant Man, but then personally, his brand of shouty shouty bashment isn’t really my cup of green tea. Yet give him a top quality heavy roots backing like the Hammond soaked Washbelly Rhythm and something fairly conscious to chat about and I’m more than ready to eat my words.

Crime And The Gun is split between a roots paced vocal delivery on the chorus and a faster more syncopated dancehall style on the verse; demonstrating not only a greater level versatility but an under-rated degree of emotion in Elephant Man’s voice rarely showcased by his usual output. As a result this is both a heavy roots killer to get you jumping but also a moving tale with a positive message as he tells disaffected youth to ‘learn to DJ or Rap’ so they can ‘shine’ rather than turn to violence.

What with the A side of this double vocal release being worth the price of the disc on its own, you’d think the AA would be a bit of a let down. Not so – Fade Away by Ziggi is a very strong tune on the rhythm in its own right making this disc an essential purchase. The only problem I have is with the record itself, my copy arrived slightly warped (which would have been passable if it weren’t for all those pesky organ fills) so ask for this in a shop situation if possible so you can try before you buy.

Reviewed by Angus Taylor. Copyright 2006.

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