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Ras Ibuna - Diverse Doctrine 7" (Pressure Sounds) Feb 2006

For many, the history of reggae in the 70s represents a progression from the heavily soul influenced styles of the beginning of the decade, to a more pure ‘Jamaican’ sound by the end. As a result, many mid-decade roots releases are a pleasing hybrid of the two. Ras Ibuna’s Diverse Doctrine, re-released by Pressure Sounds, is just such a record, combining a slow roots tempo and rasta concerns, with blues and soul influenced vocal and guitar work to magnificent effect; the beautifully delicate close harmonies of the backing vocals particularly impress.

Tracking down the original pressing will be a hard task, and if other recent Pressure Sounds 7” re-issues are anything to go by, the asking price may be a bit silly. Luckily, this is a typical repress from the PS crew that saves you the trouble. You’re never going to get the ‘fat’ sound of an original from any repress but once again this boasts exemplary levels of sound quality and bass.

This 7 has been re-issued (along with Skyjack by Bongo Gene Campbell) to coincide with Pressure Sounds new More Pressure comp, another essential purchase. But if, like me, you can’t resist the idea of owning the version as well, you’ll be only too happy to spend an extra few quid instead of 75 odd for the original when this sells out.

Reviewed by Angus Taylor. Copyright 2006.

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