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Global Warning EP (Universal Roots)

Serious issues and serious music hit the quadboxes with this solemn, meditative yet heavyweight release by RDK Hifi and The Disciples for the Universal Roots label. Markie Lyrics’ RDK/Universal Roots marque have been responsible for some marvellous singles over the last ten years showcasing a keen ear for an inspired cover (see Soothsayers’ reworking of Capital Letters Smoking My Ganja as Ganja Free and Judith’s lingering update of Lord Creator’s Such Is Life).

This time Lyrics and the Disciples’ Russ D have created a ponderously slow and foreboding stepperish rhythm and given it six different licks. The vocal cut, Global Warning by Knatty P, is a lyrically opaque rumination on where society is headed, bringing together ecology, meteorology and racism in a typically contiguous Rasta framework. Global Horns and Horns Dub brings Soothsayers’ Idris Rahman’s sax to the fore on the two most melodic offerings on the disc. Global News and Media Meltdown mix then lay a variety of SFX library noises and radio reportage over the rhythm, before Jungle Lion Dub focuses on the animal sounds and drum and bass.

This is dyed in the wool UK sound system fare with emphasis on the dub, so if that’s not your thing, you may wish to seek out lighter more tuneful fare. If you prefer it this hard, mechanical and heavy – you won’t need to be told twice.

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