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Ranking Joe - Satan Bites The Dust / Lutan Fyah - Things Better Now (Jah Warrior production)

Lutan Fyah has recorded many singles in his relatively short career (some have said too many) but his collaborations with UK producers still stand up as some of the best. And while that might sound like jingoistic bravado from a hometown reviewer, a quick listen to 16 Years with the Bush Chemists – a tune crying out for a jungle remix if ever there was one – Never Surrender My Faith or Smoke The High Grade for Jah Warrior will prove it to be a statement of sober realism.

So another single with the latter’s Stephen Mosco behind the desk can only be a good thing, although instead of a full on banger like the tunes above, Things Better Now is a slightly more moody affair that will find a good home at many a sound. Mosco’s productions really seem to bring out the rasp in Lutan’s voice lacking in many of his smoother JA and German releases and here he strains his vocals almost to breaking point.

But that’s just the B side – on the A we have Ranking Joe (of Cus Cus fame) chanting over the rhythm of Peter Broggs I Put My Trust In Jah to splendid effect, and both tunes are backed with typically sparse, cold dubs. Another strong release from one of Britain’s toughest and most consistent producers, and one you’d be advised not to miss.

Reviewed by Angus Taylor. Copyright 2007.

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