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Nanko - Lucky You (Downsound)

A surprise Jamaican number 1 last year, this is everything you could want from a commercial reggae tune: a deeply soulful heartfelt lament over the brilliant early eighties influenced Sweet Sop rhythm. But Lucky You isnít just another nostalgic retread, combining hip hop ballad style meter and vocoded vocals, for an unmistakably contemporary sound.

Nankoís debut album is in the pipeline and if this is anything to go by, could be one of the yearís essential releases. In the mean-time if you didnít buy this when it first came out, pick up a copy on US import 7 now.

Genuinely moving without being depressing, shamelessly catchy without going overboard into cheese, itís a tune guaranteed to make you sit up and listen. A pop-reggae classic.

Reviewed by Angus Taylor. Copyright 2006.

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