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The Beatles – Reggae Rigby (White label)

The phrase ‘modern classic’ is perhaps overused these days, but Tanya Stephens massive It’s A Pity is one tune that fits the description no questions asked. Any update to the original vocal would have to be a bit special, and as a result some of the most interesting versions have come from the murky world of bootlegs and mashups.

We had Picture This Pity, splicing Vybz Cartel’s slackness with Tanya’s more enlightened musings in what could almost be called an unwitting DJ version, and now this limited supply white label re-dub, enlisting the vocal talents of two scouse lads called John and Paul.

It may sound like the worst idea ever, but it works. The rhythm adds a bounce and a lift to what was one of the Beatles more depressing tunes, and Paul McCartney’s vocal sounds surprisingly good over a reggae beat: particularly if you’ve heard Ob La Di Ob La Da. You might get some strange looks when you play this out following the original hit, but I guarantee quite a few people will be nodding their heads soon after.

Reviewed by Angus Taylor. Copyright 2006.

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