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Skibadee – Tika ‘Toc (Ahead of the game) 12"

If you only want to see pure reggae reviewed on this site, stop reading now.

Tika ‘Toc is not reggae per se – more like reggaejunglehiphop - but its inspired use of the sample from Tenor Saw’s Golden Hen marks it as a potential logical successor to Welcome To Jamrock as a reggae-to-the-masses cross-over smash.

Tenor’s vocal is sped up yet still clearly recognizable among a smorgasbord of samples and spot effects, lovingly arranged by producer Crissy Criss as one thumping dirty mass. Skiba’s voice is deep in the mix, his lyrics are slack yet humorous (I love the bit about being ‘old-skool like Naff Naff Chipie Kappa’) and despite the monstrous heaviness of the tune as a whole, there is a calm control to his chat throughout.

Like I said – it ain’t reggae and won’t go down too well at a hardline dance, but it’s one of those tunes that is guaranteed to bring scores of young music fans into the fold, which surely can only be a good thing.

In my college days, MC Skibadee was a legendary figure, spoken of in hushed tones among my jungle loving mates, who loved his high velocity ‘verbal diarrhoea’ style delivery. There’s not much of that in evidence on this measured punchy effort, but as of now – I’m officially one of the converted.

Reviewed by Angus Taylor. Copyright 2006.

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