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Demondo - Chalice Dub




Chalice Dub

Produced by


Published by

Westbury Music

Recorded at

Progressive Sounds studios, London
Demondo - Chalice Dub

This album is totally free to download ©1995 (P) 2006

  1. Cutting Dub mp3
  2. Loading Dub mp3
  3. Blessing Dub mp3
  4. Lighting Dub mp3
  5. Smoking Dub mp3
  6. Pass Round Dub mp3
  7. Re-Load Dub mp3
  8. Blazing Dub mp3
  9. Gritty Dub mp3
  10. Meditation Dub mp3

About the artist

Demondo (meaning "of the world") has been working with top reggae/roots/dub masters since the late seventies backing artists from Jamaica and the UK as a session bass player and later in the years to play various other instruments for Greensleeves / UK-Bubblers / Ariwa / and many others far too many to mention.

As demondo had two record labels, he never quite got the sound that he wanted from those engineers who did not understand the reggae vibe. So he decided to mix himself after watching various good engineers mix his productions well.

He learnt a lot from Norman Jarret/Lindel Lewis/Mad Professor/Patrick Donegan and many other freelance engineers that came and went.

Working for Mad Professor, he picked up a few tips on frequencies as well as listening to the original dub masters back in the day Re: Tubbys/Perry & many others. Demondo also love's to mix in live music concerts to which he has been traveling around the globe constantly. He has been to all the continents except South America, helping new and up and coming reggae bands realize their potential in studios around the world and understand the world of reggae music in their own country.

At the present demondo is still mixing, mainly in Europe and the Caribbean not really having time to go into the studios... but is working on that.

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