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Loud & Lone - Showcase Volume II


Loud & Lone


Showcase Volume II


A-Lone Productions

Recorded at

A-Lone Muzik Studio, C/Nazarin 21 Santander, Cantabria, Spain


Oidos Sordos Tel: 942 233 992 (España)

  1. Prisioners
  2. Prisioners Version
  3. Youth Revelation mp3
  4. Youth Revelation Version mp3
  5. R.C.L (extended)
  6. Wish (extended)
  7. Dry (extended)
  8. Blowing the Words (extended)
  9. Armagedón (extended) mp3

About the artists

In 1994 Roberto Sanchez and Borja Juanco formed the first reggae band in Cantabria (Spain) in Santander called "Lone Watti". Under that name they released the first album entitled "The Same Wrong Thing" . This work was recorded and published in 1997. Shortly after,Roberto and Borja created their own productions "A-Lone Productions".

At the same time (early 98), along with Sergio Sainz and Emilio Sainz, they started a parallel project under the name Better Collie. The idea was forthem to create a group with their own studio where they could produce, record and mix their own tracks and versions in the Dub style. Recreating in the great Dub productions of the 70s, Better Collie started to record in their own studio (A-Lone Musiz Studio, C/Nazarin 21 Santander, Cantabria) in April of 1998.

At first the studio equipment was basic: only 4 tracks and one room with three microphones. In spite of the technical limitations the results were positive and the sessions very fruitful. During 1998, about 50 rhythms were recorded both original and cover versions.

In 1999 both Lone Watti and Better Collie disappeared. That is when Roberto and Borja decide to form a duo which they christened Loud and Lone. The idea is to continue producing Roots reggae and dub in their own studio, and to start perfoming as a live band.

Nowadays the band, performas "Loud & Lone and the Sound Dealers. Their debut albums are entitled 'Showcase Volume II' ( Vinyl only). and 'Better Collie and Loud & Lone 1998-2001' (CD only).

To buy this album contact Oidos Sordos or Massive Records Bilbao, Spain.

Information You need an MP3 player to listen to the audio files.

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